trademarks, patents, and copyrightsTrademarks, patents, and copyrights are all different forms of intellectual property (IP). IP is the product of your mental labor. The owner of IP has certain exclusive rights in that IP, preventing others from copying or using that IP without the owner's permission. IP owners can be confused as to the type of IP they may own and what rights attach to that IP.

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Becker Law LLC Can Help With Your Intellectual Property 

As a business owner, the intellectual property you own is likely to be your single greatest asset. Georgia business attorney Steve Becker is dedicated to ensuring that your intellectual property is protected as you move forward with your business.

At Becker Law LLC, we’re committed to promoting and protecting your ideas, innovations, and brand. We offer skilled, experienced counsel to clients looking to start a new business and to corporations whose brand is already known to the public. Contact us today for help with your IP.