Most entrepreneurs rightfully consider themselves their business’ best asset. So, naturally, they prefer to do things themselves whenever they can. That’s why Becker Law LLC created the Contract Store: to help do-it-yourselfer entrepreneurs…do it themselves!

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Becker Law LLC’s Contract Store sells affordable template agreements, policies and other documents addressing a variety of common legal scenarios faced by entrepreneurs, from those just starting out, to those with mature businesses. Each template is a Microsoft Word document and contains guidance notes to help you modify it to fit your needs.

In addition to selling individual templates, Becker Law LLC offers discounted “bundles” of templates that naturally complement each other. We also offer discounts when you purchase any three individual templates.

No matter what templates you purchase, they all have the following in common:

  • Drafted by Steven Becker, whose expertise has been honed through drafting and negotiating thousands of agreements of all types during his more than 35 years of law practice.
  • Instantly downloadable upon purchase.
  • Easily customizable; just follow our easy-to-understand guidance notes incorporated into each template.