IMPORTANT NOTE: All On-Demand Packages are subject to our Pricing Disclaimer*

On-Demand Consultation 

30 - Minute Consultation Session – Free*

This session is intended to help you decide if you need to hire an attorney to address your legal or business issue and to get strategic legal advice on a single issue. Examples include the pros and cons of selecting a certain corporate entity, the types of contracts you should have in place, advice about trademark and copyright registration, or any other specific single issue you identify.​

On-Demand Packages 

Here are some flat-fee packages on some common legal matters affecting creatives, start-ups and small businesses:

LLC Corporate Formation Packages 

Single-Member LLC Formation - $450* plus filing fees

We’ll form a Georgia LLC, including drafting your single-member Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement, as well as obtain your EIN from the IRS.

Single-Member LLC with S-Corp. Formation - $450* plus filing fees

This package is the same as the Single-Member LLC package above, except that it includes relevant S-Corp tax provisions in your governing documents. Forming an LLC taxed as an S-Corp has certain tax consequences that you should discuss with an accountant.

Multi-Member LLC Formation - Contact Us for a Price Quote (usually about $1199* plus filing fees)

We’ll form a Georgia multi-member LLC including drafting your Articles of Organization and multi-member Operating Agreement. We’ll also obtain your EIN from the IRS. Forming your multi-member LLC will involve a detailed discussion about capital contributions, transfer restrictions, voting rights and tax accounting, among other subjects.

Contract Review

Basic Review - $25*/page

This type of review works best when you’re just looking to confirm whether there are any major issues with your contract.

Advanced Review - $45*/page

With this type of review, we’ll go through your contract in detail and identify anything that could be an issue.

Advanced Review with Modifications - $95*/page

For this review, you get the Advanced Review plus we’ll “redline” (i.e. mark with changes) your contract so that you can submit it to the other party for their review. If additional modifications are needed after our discussion or submission to the other party, we’ll give you a timeline for completion of the next step.

Process for Contract Review

Step 1 – submit a contract to us and let us know which type of review you want. If necessary, we’ll set up a time to speak about the background for your contract and obtain any additional information we might need. Then, we’ll give you a timeline for completing your selected review.

Step 2 – after completing your selected review, we’ll set up a time to speak about the results of our review of your contract including answering any questions you might have. If you selected Advanced Review with Modifications, we’ll send you our “redline” prior to our discussion so we can review our changes with you and answer any questions. If additional changes are requested or needed after our discussion, we’ll give you a timeline for completing these changes.

Pricing for Contract Review assumes that your contract consists of standard 8 ½” X 11” pages with 1” margins, standard spacing and 12-point traditional font. Pages that don’t meet these specifications (e.g. larger sheets, smaller typefaces, multiple column text, etc.) may count as more than one page.

Custom Contract Preparation

Here are some samples of the On-Demand Custom Contract Preparation services we provide and their flat fees. This list isn’t exhaustive, and we can provide custom contract preparation for a wide variety of other contracts. Please contact us for a quote.

Non-Disclosure Agreement - $250* each

You can select from the following formats depending upon your requirements:

  • Unilateral (i.e. one-way) Basic
  • Unilateral Formal 
  • Mutual (i.e. two-way) Basic
  • Mutual Formal

“Basic” and “Formal” don’t have a legal meaning. Rather, they signify how comprehensive each is. Although the “Basic” format is shorter than the “Formal” format, they still cover the essential terms you need. The “Formal” format covers everything in the “Basic” format, but also includes additional “legal” terms to address more complex transactions.

Service Provider Agreement - $750*

Based on your requirements, we can customize this agreement for use when you’re hiring a business or person to perform services for you, or for use when you’re performing services for another business or person. We’ll draft the contract to match the way you run, or intend to run, your business. We’ll use a Master Services Agreement/Statement of Work format (which anticipates multiple projects) unless the services are simply a one-off.

Employment Agreement - $750*

We’ll customize an employment agreement for your business, including addressing areas such as job duties, employment length, compensation, termination and other commonly used provisions in employment agreements.

Website Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

 $2,350* for both Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

$1,250* each for Terms of Service or Privacy Policy 

These terms are the contract between your business and everyone that visits your website. We’ll draft your website terms of service and privacy policy to conform to your business, while also conforming to applicable law.

Dealer, Distributor or Sales Representative Agreement

If your business has matured enough to start marketing and selling your products through channels of distribution, we’ll prepare a standard Dealer, Distributor and/or Sales Representative Agreement template, depending upon your business requirements, as well as provide you with an overview about the legal ins and outs of marketing and selling through channels of distribution.

$2,500* each for Dealer, Distributor or Sales Representative Agreement template

$4,500* for any combination of two Agreement templates

$6,750* for all three Agreement templates

Trademark Projects**

Trademark "Knock-Out" Search and Consultation

After reviewing your completed Trademark Search and Registration Questionnaire we’ll meet with you to discuss your responses. We’ll then conduct a "knock-out" search  of your chosen trademark[s]. A "knock-out" trademark search is a search of the Federal trademark register to determine if registration of your chosen trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is unlikely and thus doesn't warrant the time and expense of submitting an application for registration (please note that a knock-out search doesn't provide the comprehensive results of a trademark's availability that a full search does for potential pre-existing trademarks or other conflicts that might become an issue if you decide to register your trademark).We’ll then consult with you about the process for protecting your trademark[s].

$495* per trademark plus third-party federal "knock-out" trademark search fee (generally $200-$250)(U.S. only).

Trademark "Full" Search, Consultation and Application 

This package consists of everything in the Trademark "Knock-Out" Search and Consultation package plus the following:

  • Conducting a "full" search, instead of a "knock-out" search, of your chosen trademarks (a "full" search is a comprehensive search of all avenues for trademark protection for the chosen trademark).
  • Consultation about your application for registering your trademark[s] with the USPTO.
  • Drafting and filing your federal trademark application with the USPTO.
  • Tracking your trademark application once filed with the USPTO.
  • Responding to non-substantive*** USPTO Office Actions on your behalf.

$595* per trademark plus third-party full trademark search fee (generally $800-$875) and USPTO filing fees (U.S. only).

Copyright Registration - $495* plus applicable U.S. Copyright Office filing fees.

We’ll register your work of authorship with the U.S. Copyright Office. The flat fee above covers a review of the work of authorship for copyrightability (based on your responses to our Copyright Questionnaire), preparation of the Copyright Application, and filing the application with the U.S. Copyright Office on your behalf.

Bundle Packages

Start-Up Package - $2,200* plus applicable filing fees

This package is designed to get your LLC established and provide the initial agreements creatives, start-ups and small businesses should have. With the Start-Up Package, you’ll receive:

  • Single Member LLC Formation with or without S Corp Election ($450 Value)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement Template (Value $250)
  • A selection of two of the following Agreement templates: (a) Service Provider Agreement template (Value $750), (b) Employment Agreement template (Value $750), or (c) Assignment of Intellectual Property from founders to Company template (Value $750).
  • Two-hour strategy session (Value $600).

Small Business Package - $2,995* plus applicable filing fees

This package is designed to provide your new business with everything it needs for a solid legal foundation. With the Small Business Package, you’ll receive everything in the Trademark Search, Consultation and Application Package (Value $995) and everything in the Start-Up Package (Value $2,200).

*On-Demand Package Pricing Disclaimer

All On-Demand packages and services described in this website are for information purposes only. Each On-Demand package has a cap on the number of hours available under the package. The On-Demand packages do not constitute an offer to perform legal services. The scope, price, and hour cap of the On-Demand packages may change at any time and/or be declined at any time. The only way to engage Becker Law is to sign an engagement letter with the firm. In addition, payment of legal fees and expenses for your On-Demand package must be made before work on that package can begin. If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please contact us.

**The flat fees listed here, and elsewhere on our website, for the Trademark "Knock-Out" Search and Consultation package, and the Trademark "Full" Search, Consultation and Application package, apply to up to two classes of goods/services and must meet the Lanham Act’s “use in commerce” requirement. USPTO filing fees are charged on a "per class of goods/services" basis. Additional charges apply for additional classes searched and/or included in the application.

***“Non-substantive” Office Actions means those concerning entity status or citizenship of the applicant, identification of goods or services, improper specimens, or improper dates of use. Office Actions of any other nature including, without limitation, refusals to register, are not covered.