Our experienced Georgia business attorney can help you form or expand a business; develop and negotiate unambiguous, plain-language contracts; register trademarks or copyrights; and protect your intellectual property. We also offer subscription legal services. Find out more about our firm and how we can provide your business with the legal support it needs to thrive.

Business Law & ContractsBusiness Law & Contracts

Starting, expanding, or dissolving a business? Embroiled in a business or contract dispute? Want unambiguous, plain-language contracts? You need legal services that are as individual as your circumstances. Becker Law LLC provides attentive, personalized business law and contract representation for clients in the Metro Atlanta area and throughout the state of Georgia.

Learn more about our business law and contract services, our commitment to “frictionless” client care, and how our Client's Bill of Rights guarantees your satisfaction. Ready to let us help you protect your rights and business? Schedule an on-demand consultation now.

Intellectual Property LawIntellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is what gives your business its unique flavor and distinguishes it from the competition. Though intellectual property—or “creations of the mind”—may be intangible, it’s a valuable business asset that requires legal protection. Failing to take the legal steps necessary to protect your intellectual property may allow someone else to profit from your efforts.

At Becker Law LLC, we know you've worked hard to develop your business's intellectual property and you deserve to have a say in who reaps the rewards. We offer the skilled legal counsel and representation Georgia businesses need to register and protect their intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

On-Demand and Subscription Legal ServicesOn-Demand and Subscription Legal Services

Whether you're just starting your business, working toward expansion, or involved in a dispute, attorney Steve Becker can use his extensive experience and comprehensive grasp of the relevant laws to help you achieve your legal goals. Let Becker Law LLC assist you on your path to success—from selecting and forming the appropriate business entity to developing and implementing best practices to negotiating agreements and resolving disputes.

Don't require—or can't afford—an in-house counsel for your Georgia business venture? Becker Law LLC offers affordable on-demand and subscription legal services to accommodate your needs and budget.