Understanding Contracts E-Guide

Contracts are some of the most valuable tools business owners have for avoiding disputes, limiting liability, and protecting their company's ideas and information from disclosure to competitors. Because written agreements can play such a large role in a business's success, it's crucial for owners to have at least a basic grasp of contract law. Fortunately, attorney Steve Becker can help.

Having worked as in-house counsel for Fortune 500 companies for more than three decades before starting his own law firm, Becker Law LLC, Steve knows contract law inside and out. He's seen the costly disputes and litigation that can arise when agreements are poorly drafted or insufficiently reviewed—or the parties involved don't understand their rights and responsibilities under the terms of the contract—and he's committed to helping business owners resolve such issues or, ideally, avoid them altogether. That's why he wrote Understanding Contracts e-Guide, now available for free download.

If you're a Georgia business owner, Understanding Contracts e-Guide offers vital information you need to protect your business interests. Learn:

  • The legal definition of a contract
  • The elements of a contract: offer, consideration, acceptance, and mutuality 
  • How written and oral contracts differ, and why written contracts are preferred 
  • What the contract drafting process entails
  • The importance of having a contract thoroughly reviewed 
  • Tips for negotiating successful business contracts
  • Common contract terms 
  • And much, much more. 

After reading the Understanding Contracts e-Guide, you will have gained a more thorough understanding of contract law and how it can affect the agreements your business makes with its employees, partners, and others. The guide can also help you determine whether you need an attorney to assist you with your business contracts, or if one of the budget-friendly, attorney-vetted, do-it-yourself contracts from Becker Law LLC's Contract Store meets your needs. 

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